Thomas Keller’s Simple Roasted Chicken


This is one of my all-time favorite recipes. It also seems to be one of the entire internet’s favorite recipes, as it is the most viewed chicken recipe on Epicurious.

What makes this recipe so amazing is that it is both incredibly easy and perfectly delicious. The meat, especially with OurHarvest’s Cascun Farm bird, is super juicy and tender and requires little more than salt and pepper. We love making this into a “one pot” meal by adding some vegetables underneath the bird, which are made even more delicious as they cook in the chicken’s drippings.


In this version, we added halved fingerling potatoes and whole garlic cloves, but we have been known to put OurHarvest Summer Squash wedges underneath. I happen to think this is a perfect everyday meal for a busy mom or even one that is perfect on a special occasion when you need to add some simplicity to a crazed holiday cook-a-thon. Just put the chicken in the oven, and then come back a little less than an hour later and voila - a perfectly cooked dinner.


There are 2 tricks to this recipe - trussing correctly and not overcooking. For directions on trussing, watch this video of Thomas Keller walking through the recipe. As an FYI, we usually don’t remove the wishbone. Once the bird is trussed, a simple seasoning of salt, pepper, and a little chopped thyme is all it needs. Use an instant read thermometer to make sure the bird is cooked properly - it should read 165 degrees in the thigh.



My Favorite Simple Roased Chicken Recipe

A recipe by Thomas Keller




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