Peconic Bay Scallop Scampi


Italy has white truffles, France has Bordeaux, Maine has lobsters. Who knew that one of the world’s great delicacies comes right off the waters of Long Island? Peconic Bay scallops are smaller than a sea scallop and have an absolutely incredible sweet flavor, balanced with just a hint of brininess from the ocean. I like to call it candy from the sea.

Another amazing thing about bay scallops is they only take a few minutes to cook - no joke - 1-3 minutes and they are good to go. They are so gourmet you can impressively serve them at any dinner party or holiday feast, or just simply make them at home for a quick and easy weeknight treat. Below I have highlighted one of my favorite preparations - Bay Scallop Scampi.


When cooking bay scallops, there are three important tips to get a perfect caramel-like crust: (1) make sure you rinse and very thoroughly dry the scallops. If they aren’t dry enough they won’t brown; (2) make sure the pan is really, really hot. They cook very quickly, so high heat is critical; (3) do not overcrowd the pan - you want each scallop to directly touch the surface of the pan.



Bay Scallop Scampi

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